This is a great site to help support the use of the rekenreks.
This is another great hand-out on rekenreks.

Great review of how to use the rekenrek.

Rekenrek Manual This is a great Manual that has many lessons to do with the Rekenrek.
PRINT these off and use as flashing tool. How many red? How many blue? How many dots? How many empty boxes? Use two hands and put the red dots on one hand and the blue dots on your other hand.
Printable Domino Cards for Flashing
Large 10 Frames These large ten frames are great for whole group instruction.

1, 2, 3 Dot Formation Cards
2,3,4,5 Dot Formation Cards
4,5,6 Dot Formation Cards
5,6,9 Dot Formation Cards
7,8,9 Dot Formation Cards
9,10 Dot Formation Cards

AVMR Porta-portal Site


Math Recovery Websites

Tina Silvestri

This is a great resource for activities for small group instruction and partner games.
Anoka School District
Illuminations NCTM
Printables that are helpful
Math Games Resources
Geometry Work Stations
Structuring Website
Printable Structuring Activities
This website has printable questions to go along with dot plates, printable domino cards, and more.

Books to Support Games and Activities

Other Resources

Template to organize data.
Checklist for formative assessment
Checklist for formative assessment

Math site Printable games that align with the Common Core

Connecting AVMR and Common Core

Progression Documents of the Common Core Standards

Sample AVMR Year Assessment Plan

This plan will all depend on what power standards you choose to teach and when your are going to teach them. This assessment plan is not set in stone, do the assessments when it will make sense for you and your teaching.